About Us

NanoBlood is a spin-off of a small pharmaceutical research and development company, SynZyme Technologies, LLC.  Since the FDA has concurred that continued development of a multifunctional nano red blood cell (nRBS), polynitroxylated peglylated hemoglobin (PNPH), aka VitalHemeTM, for critical care and transfusion medicine was justified, the company feels that nRBC may be an ideal opportunity for big pharmaceutical companies to add to their pipeline especially since a US Patent for nRBC was granted in September of 2012 and is assigned to NanoBlood LLC (Click here for our US patent).  NanoBlood LLC is now seeking to enter into global and regional licensing to develop and commercialize nRBC as a bridge and alternative to red blood cell transfusion and as well as a life saving nano medicine to meet un-met critical care medical needs where there is inadequate blood flow and oxygen delivery such as in cases of hemorrhagic shock, traumatic brain injury complicated by hemorrhagic shock, stroke, and sickle cell disease.