nRBC in being developed as a safe alternative to banked RBC transfusion while expanding the supply of resuscitation fluids available to hemorrhagic trauma patieints by making use of wasted outdated blood for patients suffering from trauma.



Patients with hemorrhagic trauma in the emergency room or during surgery suffer significant blood loss. Instead of blood transfusion, the patients could receive a therapeutic dose of nRBC as a hemodynamic stabilizer, which would also enhance blood flow and oxygen delivery to vital organs without oxidative stress and reperfusion injuries. Treatment with nRBC may decrease the duration of hospitalization,organ failure or death.

By using outdated blood, which would otherwise be discarded, to produce nRBC, the supply of resuscitation fluids could be expanded especially since nRBC has a relatively long shelf life, is stable at room temperature, and does not require cross matching of blood type.  This would be particulary improtant in case of a national disaster.