Dr. Carleton J.C. Hsia

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Carleton Hsia is a serial entrepreneur, inventor and former university professor. The companies he founded included Hemosol Inc, SynZyme Technologies LLC, and most recently NanoBlood LLC. He has been President & CEO of NanoBlood since 2013. He was the inventor of Hemosol's HemoLink technology. His most recent invention is caged nitric oxide (CNO) nanotechnology and NanoBlood's nanoRBC (nano red blood cell) for use as a superoxide and hemoglobin taming drug. Working in the realm of quantum physics, Dr. Hsia is founding an entirely new field of NanoQuantum Medicine, which should have a major effect on worldwide health as well as producing economic and political benefit beyond that of current Digital Medicine.

Dr. Bohdan Soltys, MBA PhD

Bohdan Soltys MBA PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Bohdan began in industry as an R&D scientist at GE Healthcare and has obtained a broad depth of experience in senior management of Life Science companies. As COO at NanoBlood, Bohdan is managing strategy formulation, execution and operations in taking nanoRBC through clinical trials, investment rounds, and onto the market.