The Company and Market Opportunity:


NanoBlood LLC is dedicated to meet the un-met medical needs in diseases from over production of vascular superoxide by restoring the endogenous nitric oxide (NO) to  correct inadequate blood flow without oxidative injuries from ischemia, reperfusion and inflammation. The Company has developed a 7 micron nanoparticle based on nitroxylated bovine hemoglobin stabilized with carbon monoxide and shielded with polyethylene glycol to increase it vascular plasma half-life without immunogenicity, which works as a vascular dismutase mimetic [SanFlow aka PNPH (polynitroxylated pegylated hemoglobin)] The Diagram below describes how a 7 nanometer red blood cell is reduced by 1000 fold in size to a 7 micrometer SanFlow nanoparticle. SanFlow, used as a intravascular superoxide mimetic (SOD-mimetic) drug, represents a paradigm change in the treatment of diseases related to the vascular superoxide over production.

The regulatory approval and marketing strategy is to use SanFlow as a substitute for genetic therapy and transfusion therapy in children with sickle cell disease (SCD) to prevent stroke and severe painful vaso-occlusive crisis and to avoid the need for life- long dependence on chronic blood transfusion. Approval of SanFlow for SCD treatment as an orphan drug will open the major markets of SanFlow to the treatment of stroke, traumatic brain injury, hemorrhagic shock as well as an alternative to blood transfusion.

The Company is seeking strategic corporate partnerships to meet the un-met medical needs of these major markets. Regulatory approval with matching private equity investment with government funding are actively pursued at Orphan Drug Conference in 2019 and major academic Symposium, such as 2018 ASH meeting in San Diego.

The Drug:


FDA recently agreed that continued development of SanFlow, for critical care and transfusion medicine was justified based on multiple pre-clinical safety and efficacy results.


SanFlow in the form of a ~7 nm nanoparticle. The 3D structure in Diagram shown below as a dissected view with a core hemoglobin and its outer blue hydrated shell of covalently attached polyethylene glycol molecules and an inner superoxide dismutase (SOD) mimetic shell (gold) formed by covalently attached nitroxides with high spinning mobility (gold balls). The SOD mimetic shell prevents release of hemoglobin generated superoxide into the vascular space where it can cause vasoconstriction.

SanFlow flowing through a blood vessel are in the plasma phase as a nano medicine, can extend its SOD-mimetic activity to dismutate vascular over production of plasma superoxide resulting in the restoration of endogenous nitric oxide to restore blood flow to deliver life-saving oxygen for the prevention of ischemia, reperfusion and inflammation in sickle cell disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, hemorrhagic shock as well as blood transfusion.